Rails with JavaScript Final Project

Posted by Matt Etress on April 29, 2019

For this project, we were tasked with taking the app we made in our Rails project and updating it to request data with Ajax, return that data as JSON and show it with JavaScript.

For the Rails project, I decided to make an app that allows artists to share local art events. Artists are able to create a profile and use that profile as a portfolio. They can save events they are interested in to their dashboard.

The first thing I decided to do while expanding upon my rails app was to use javascript to submit when people save an event. This included toggling the star image and sending the request to the server. Once a user clicks on the star the event is added to their upcoming events and the user count is updated.

After getting the star working I started working on the form for new events. I did a bit of restyling and was eventually able to get it to show up on the page, submit, and display the newly created event on the page.

These two tasks were quite challenging as my first venture into the land of JS without help from the lessons to point me in the right direction, but as I moved along I became increasingly familiar with the JS syntax. Overall, this project was exactly what I needed to solidify my JS understanding.